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COVID-19 – Being Safe Together


As we open the club to indoors events —-Saturday afternoon Bar/Bistro/ Bowls, we would like you to know that we’re working to keep you safe according to Government guidelines. This is a big step forward for us all to be starting our indoor events and we are all keen to make it a happy and successful time.

Firstly, it’s important for you to sign in with your contact details as you come into the club and these will be kept on a temporary basis for 21 days.
There will be a one-way flow in and out of the room and doors will be kept open to avoid touching. These doorways will be sanitised before and after the afternoon.

Hand sanitiser will be available as you come in and in the toilets. Paper towels are used in the toilets as usual.

Good ventilation has been recommended in the guidelines and windows will be open as much as possible for a dose of our good Scottish fresh air.

It’s important to adhere to social distancing unless you come in your family bubble and the furniture will be arranged to facilitate this and people will be served one at a time at the serving hatch. Hopefully, this will avoid any crowding in a small area.

We’re sorry to say that no singing or shouting is recommended as we’re not at the stage yet for choral singing.

Now that we’re all getting the chance to enjoy restaurants and pubs and meeting up with friends indoors, our club will be a welcoming place to be on a Saturday afternoon and we hope that you will be ready and willing to come safely. Our volunteers will be pleased to do their best for you.

August 2020
Janet Hannah
Partickhill Bowling and Community Club.