Bowls is a friendly game with as much emphasis on the social side of bowling as there is on the sport itself. Anyone can play – we have special children’s bowls available – and we can supply all equipment and coaching. All you need to bring is a pair of shoes without heels ( trainers will do for a start) or you can play barefoot!

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If you’re interested in trying a game and getting some free coaching, please contact the Club Secretary John Clutterbuck (07799 610 527 or

When can you play?

During the outdoor bowling season – April-September, We play regular social games that are suited to beginners: times next year will be posted, but regular social games are Wednesday evenings (6pm+) and  Saturday afteroons (2:30 – 5pm).

 How to Play?

The basic idea is very simple, the player in one team throws the jack (a small white ball) down the green and this is centered so that it lies in the middle of the rink (the section of the green that you are playing on).

The players then take turns to deliver their bowls and the aim of the game is to get your bowls as close as possible to the jack. The winning team is one that has more bowls near the jack than any of the opposition.

The bowls have a bias on them – they are not quite round which means that they do not travel in a straight line. As the bowl begins to slow it moves in the direction of the bias. The player adjusts both the direction (or their ‘road’) and their weight to get as close to the jack as possible or sometimes to try and knock out their opponent’s bowls.

Teams: Bowls can be played either one against one, or in teams of pairs, triples or fours. When playing individually or in pairs each player typically uses fours bowls, in triples they play with three, and in fours only two each.

Scoring: The player (or team) with the closest bowl to the jack wins a point. If they have the two closest bowls they win two points, and so on. A game usually consists of an number “ends” or until a team reaches a winning score (e.g. 21). Ends are played in alternative directions (up and down)

Tactics: As you become more experienced, you can learn the tactics played in a game of bowls. Players can play a ‘draw’ shot (to roll up to the jack) or a ‘chap-and lie’ (to knock opponent’s bowl away from the jack and take its place). Sometimes you may want to play a ‘blocker’ in order to prevent your opponent from getting close to the jack or use ‘drive’ to knock their bowl out of the way, or you can play a long bowl to catch the jack if the opposition hits it back to you.

Come along to one of our social games or arrange a coaching session to find out more.

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